Bright candles kindergarten

Joint venture with "Childbase partnership"

KG1 - KG2

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Education

Bright candles kindergarten offers a unique service of its kind in the middle east and arab world because it is the first kindergarten to operate under the Strategy and Joint venture with Childbase partnership which considerd as one of the top 20 institutions to support , train and develop kindergartens in the united kigdom . It founded since 1989 and expanded around the united kingdom with 42 branches and has one new branch in china

- foreign administrative and teaching staff 

- follow EYFS program

- modern teaching methods and Strategy

- follow up children learning progress through 

- smart application " parent zone app and iconnect "

- Our aim is to help your child

- develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally

- helping to prepare them for their future at school and beyond.

- every child with  happy, healthy environment for learning and playing .

- Children at The Bright candle’s. The  Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the UK educational framework which has been adopted follows by our kindergarten to provide that assurance. The curriculum and activities are based around every child – keeping children safe and healthy, helping them enjoy and achieve, and encouraging them to grow perfectly.